Pressure & Flow Calculators

Cv  = Flow Coefficient = Q * √ΔP/G
Q  = Flow rate in GPM of water
ΔP  = Pressure Drop = G * (Cv/Q)2
G  = Specific gravity

Cv is the fluid flow through a piping component at 60oF in US GPM at a pressure drop of 1 PSI. If Cv is > Q, the pressure drop is < 1 PSI. Formulas and results are based on perfect flow conditions; results will vary in actual practice if there is any flow turbulence, temperature variations, pressure shock waves, and as the filter accumulates debris.

Select from the sample fluids below, or supply your own numbers to calculate.
Sample Fluids:
*Use as a guide ONLY!

Pressure Drop

Cv  = 
Q  = 
G  = 
ΔP  = G * (Cv/Q)2

Flow Coefficient

Q  = 
ΔP  = 
G  = 
Cv  = Q * √ΔP/G